Crossfit – a sport for the able-minded

Photo belongs to Crossfit Rubicon.

I’ve said it before but in light of watching this incredible video, it needs to be reiterated – anyone can do Crossfit. There is no physical barrier keeping anyone from taking their fitness to the next level; the barrier there is a mental one, and that’s the most difficult obstacle to overcome when it comes to Crossfit.

I highly recommend everyone watches this video from Crossfit Rubicon. If these people can wake up everyday inspired to hit the box, what’s your excuse for not being there?

Video belongs to Crossfit HQ.

Training shouldn’t be about the physical capacities you feel you do or do not have. It should be about your desire to make your life better. Wherever you’re coming from, whatever struggles you have experienced with your body – be it weight gain, injuries, surgeries, etc. – you can still do this. If a woman without most of her arm can strap a chain around a bar and do consecutive pull-ups, you can certainly get past your fear of sweat pants and come to the gym.

I love what the trainer says about being able-minded. It’s not about being able-bodied versus being handicapped. So many of these adaptive athletes are far more “able-bodied” than these sedentary people all over our country who don’t have so-called handicaps. It truly is about becoming “able-minded.” It’s about waking up in the morning knowing that you will accomplish something. It’s deeper than just “believing in yourself.” It’s refusing to accept the status quo, tossing out the preconceptions the world has placed on your forehead, and forging ahead regardless of what society says you can or can’t do. Society might say you’re an overweight diabetic, so you can’t run or you’ll pass out and die. Maybe it says since you have asthma you shouldn’t exert yourself or you’ll risk getting hurt. Maybe it says you’ve been out of shape so long there’s no point in trying now.

Maybe you should screw what society says, tell your brain who’s boss, and make a conscious decision to improve your life. Today, not tomorrow.


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Chelsea Sherman is a writer/communication guru living in Virginia Beach. She loves Jesus, spending time with her daughter and her husband, working out, eating bacon and Netflix binging.

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