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5 Tips for Staying on Track with Paleo

My fabulous Crossfit family

My fabulous Crossfit family

Many of my friends at Crossfit Great Bridge have been participating in the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge. The program is an eight-week challenge that pushes participants to eat a paleo diet and participate in benchmark WODs to test the improvement of their fitness over the challenge period. This challenge has been a terrific experience for the athletes at my box and has many of them losing fat, gaining muscle and feeling better as a whole. However, I know that eight weeks of trying not to cheat and stay on track has been a really tough ride for them. So here are some words of encouragement dedicated to the Lurong participants in the last two weeks of this challenge.

If you hit a point where you’re frustrated with yourself because you feel like you’re not making progress, don’t be alarmed. Most of us have been there. So many factors are constantly at work to bring you down. Friends always questioning your eating habits can get old, to the point where you’d almost rather just eat like everyone else instead of explain yourself again. The scale simply has to be lying, because you know you had to have lost weight this week.

It can definitely be rough trying to move past these discouraging feelings and keep going. Here are a few pointers for you to remember when you start to get down on yourself:

  1. Your diet and lifestyle is for you and you alone. Regardless of what your friends think about it—if they disagree or think it’s silly—you keep doing what you’re doing because it’s for your health. What you do for your body doesn’t affect your friends and other critics, so let them keep talking while you keep making gains.
  1. Reaching your goals takes time. You’re not going to hit your goal weight or ideal muscle definition overnight. Don’t be discouraged if you lose five pounds one week and none the next. Keep trucking—fitness is a lifelong voyage, not a five-day road trip.
  1. Don’t judge yourself. It’s okay to follow fitness gurus on Instagram for inspiration, but don’t obsess over their washboard abs to the point where you feel badly about yourself. Let others motivate you, but don’t get down on yourself because you don’t look exactly like them.
  2. If you fall, get back up. If you just totally mess up one day by eating a whole pizza and washing it down with a milkshake topped with whipped cream, it’s alright. Get back up and try again the next day. Don’t give up just because you have an off day here and there.
  3. Focus on how you feel. Don’t obsess over the number on the scale or on the tape measurer. Instead, take note of how much better you feel overall since making your lifestyle change. If you feel good, your body is going to reflect that. Just give it time.

Good luck as you continue your fitness journey and complete this challenge. Remember that good things take time—and keep pushing yourself, regardless of what other people might be doing. No one is responsible for your health and well-being but you.

A portion of this article was featured in Coastal Virginia Magazine.