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Being Okay With “A”

You’ve heard your friends say it, as they recite you their lengthy list of excuses for why they won’t lift weights. Perhaps you’ve even said it yourself as you nervously approach the bench press or hit the deck for a set of pushups.

“I don’t want to lose my boobs.”

It seems like a silly thought process, especially in your box where such outdated measurements of physical attractiveness hardly apply. But what about when you step out of the box and into the world that does place worth in your cup size?

Women seriously worry about the effect intense fitness is going to have on their breast size. It’s an understandable fear, considering the value our society places on such measurements of beauty.

Will Crossfit make your boobs smaller? Well, think about it anatomically. You can’t lose weight and expect to not lose any in your breasts. You don’t lose weight in specific areas of your body; that’s simply not how it works. The reality is, you can expect your breasts to decrease in size proportional to the weight you lose. If you go from 160 lbs. to 130 lbs., yes, you will probably go from a C to a B.

“Since your breasts are largely influenced by your body fat, significant weight loss will have an effect on your size.” Edie Grace, Livestrong

One other factor to remember is that some women have naturally larger or smaller than average breasts. Therefore, you may be at a B at 130 lbs., but someone who has smaller than average breasts naturally will be at an A. That’s just the nature of varying body types.

So there are the logistics on breast size and weight loss. Now here’s why, as a strong and awesome Crossfit woman, you should be okay with A. Or B. Or wherever you’re at now that you’re in shape.

1. If you give Crossfit 100%, your body will eventually get to its optimal weight and shape. Therefore, your breasts will become their optimal size and shape. For some of us, that might be a 32 A. But if that’s where we are naturally, after losing the proper amount of weight and gaining the right amount of muscle, then we should be satisfied that we’ve restored our breasts to the size they should be naturally. Isn’t that what Paleo life is all about?

2. Weight loss will cause fat loss in the breasts. However, weight lifting will actually make your breasts look better. Your cup size won’t change from weight lifting, as the muscles affected by such exercises as pushups and bench press are the pectoral muscles underneath the breasts. Weight lifting will, however, increase overall chest size, which will make breasts stand up better and appear slightly larger.

3. Men who don’t have a love of fitness might be outside of the box judging your cup size. But if you’re with someone who understands the importance of your commitment to fitness, then this should really not be an issue. Your man should be supportive of the awesome gains you’re making at the box, not what you may be losing in unnecessary fat tissue. So if you’re single and loving Crossfit, don’t worry because you may have gone down a cup size. The guys who understand what real fitness means shouldn’t care. And if you’re not single and your man has a problem with your bodily changes, drag him to the box and have him do a few rounds of Eva, and then have him come talk to you.

4. Most importantly, remember that the gains you’re making in Crossfit are not just reflected in how great you can get your body to look, but also in your overall health and wellness. If you’re really a health-oriented person, cup size should be pretty low on your checklist of important issues. And besides, with killer abs and a Crossfit booty to rival J-Lo’s, what more do you need?


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